Boeing 737 800/MAX

We have Boeing 737 Flight Simulators 800 and MAX versions, in various formats and with different options. From open simulators only pilot, open pilot and copilot, closed cockpit, and even version with built-in instructor module.

All made of steel structures, aluminum and interior fiber finishes with pieces that are easily transportable to any part of the world. The pieces are easily assembled and everything can be assembled either by the customer, or by contracting the installation on-site by our company.


Airbus 320

Our A320 simulators are manufactured in steel structures, aluminum and interior fiber finishes. We have an open or closed cockpit and also an instructor module. In the case of the A320 we even have the option of the complete product and ready for EASA FNPT II MCC certification.

We also have specific options in the different modules, which the client can choose according to the level of realism they want, thus being able to have the simulator they want at the most balanced price possible.

Online store

Opencockpits puts at your disposal an online store where you can buy both the complete simulators and all their components individually. All the elements that are part of an Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 cockpit are available in our online store.

For the acquisition of complete simulators and the different options, you can get advice by contacting our sales department.

Opencockpits 1

Custom projects

The fact of developing and assembling our products internally makes us incredibly flexible in our offer, we put specific products on the market, turnkey projects but also, this is a very important factor, we can respond to the concrete and specific need of any client.

We have experience in the manufacture of simulators and specific modules for large clients, designing all the hardware and software necessary for their operation, or rigorously following the plans and / or diagrams for their manufacture, always contributing our experience in advising and producing the project.

Featured components

Enter our online store and buy all components separately from our products.

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A320 MIP Double

Opencockpits 3

Overhead 737

Opencockpits 4

Pedals 737

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Pilot seat

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