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Compasses are available for the A320 and B737 cockpits.

If you want to complete our cockpits with the corresponding compasses, we have the B737 and A320 versions, the latter retractable as the real one.

In both cases the compasses are made of metal and resin, they have interior lighting.


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We already have our Overhead Aft available for the A320 cockpit

For those professionals, or even for home use, we already have the professional Overhead Aft module available.

The module can be manufactured with those “Breakers” that the client wishes to be operational, or even put all of them decorative to save costs.

As main features, this module includes BKI backlit panels, guards, spotlights with brightness control, etc.


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Inauguration of the new entrance website to Opencockpits

Inauguration of the new entrance website to Opencockpits We are constantly working to offer users the maximum information about our company, our products, services, etc.

With this idea in mind, we have created an initial page that offers clear information and allows our clients to have a better vision of what we can offer them.

We hope you like it !!